Selection of illustrations for 'History Heroes' - an educational card game. Each set is based around a different theme and contains 40 illustrated cards. Winner of Junior Magazine’s Best Toy Design Award.

Inventors (left to right): Frank Whittle, the Wright brothers, Nikola TeslaJohn Logie BairdJoseph Glidden and Samuel Morse.

Women (left to right): Emmeline PankhurstRosa ParksAretha Franklin, Madonna, Jane Austen, Angela MerkelBillie Jean KingHarriet Tubman and Elizabeth 1st.

WW2 (left to right): Neville ChamberlainHeinrich HimmlerBernard Montgomery, the United Nations, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Oskar SchindlerJoseph StalinRaoul WallenbergWinston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, the 14th Army and Philippe Pétain.

Children (left to right): Mary Anning, Iqbal Masih, Pocahontas, Child Soldiers, Hector Pieterson and Tutankhamun.

Boxes for 'Inventors' and 'Kings and Queens'.

WW1 box and cards.

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